Mission statement

How we see ourselves

We see ourselves as providing a service to society. We provide our clients with clarification regarding forensic matters that require expert medical and scientific input. In doing so, we ensure people's experience of our legal system is based on objective and well-founded facts. With this in mind, we believe our only obligation is towards the truth and reject any form of partiality. We also adopt a conscientious attitude to our research and teaching mandate and realize the importance of delivering quality in these areas.

Our employees

Our motivated, experienced and highly qualified employees are central to the success of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bern. They determine the quality of our work to a large degree, as well as how others see us. Their unfailing curiosity, their capacity for critical reflection when faced with a problem and their responsible attitude towards the work they do enable the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Bern to satisfy the exacting demands and expectations it faces.

Our values

Our dealings with each other are informed by an open, direct, friendly and respectful approach to communication. We have confidence in one another and are open about any mistakes we make. This makes us credible and reliable and ensures people know what to expect of us. The decisions we make on a day-to-day basis are informed by a highly ethical approach to the problems we face. We respect the tried-and-tested and also look to develop new approaches so we can face the future with confidence.

Our work

The work we do every day is very challenging in both technical and emotional terms. All the more reason to treat every individual with the utmost respect and esteem, whether they are clients, colleagues, victims or suspects. Our specialist departments are constantly exchanging opinions and information with other academics – an approach which extends to the international research community – in order to ensure the optimal investigation strategy is available for each case based on what is currently known. This enables us in turn to help shape sustainable developments within our disciplines. Our aim is to guarantee a constantly high level of quality across all work processes.

Our management principles

We operate a flat management structure. This means involving employees in pending decisions which concern them, as well as fostering a collegiate approach in our dealings with each other that transcends the layers within the organization chart. We set targets for management purposes, which are agreed each year with employees. This is our way of motivating people by delegating decision-making powers as appropriate and thereby promoting individual responsibility and mutual trust.