About us

The Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bern employs over 140 highly qualified scientists and physicians. Their investigations and the expertise they provide help clear up crimes and ensure a verdict is reached when cases go to trial. Most requests received in this regard are from the prosecuting authorities.

The institute contains seven specialist departments. These departments work very closely with each other to clear up offenses, as well as with various external partners.
As a university institute, it trains future forensic pathologists and scientists working in the field of forensics and is heavily involved in the teaching offered to students reading law and medicine.
The Institute of Forensic Medicine undertakes a great deal of research work, with some 40 to 50 academic publications being published by the institute each year. Employees at the Institute of Forensic Medicine also take charge of numerous research projects sponsored by external funding.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine at Bern serves primarily the Canton of Bern and surrounding cantons first and foremost and with its specialist departments it also serves the other cantons of Switzerland and various clients abroad.