Institute of Forensic Medicine


Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry

Development of methods involving chromatography/mass spectrometry processes for identifying xenobiotics (drugs, active drug ingredients, poisons) and their metabolites in body fluids and hair (LC-LC-MS/MS, LC- HR-MS/MS (QqToF), GC/MS).

Interpretation of THC-COOH-glucuronide concentration in the blood.
Research into alcohol markers: establishing the level of phosphatidylethanol (in the blood) with a view to checking abstinence from alcohol and detecting alcohol abuse, use as a diagnostic marker during procedures such as liver transplantation.

Identification of active ingredients and metabolites associated with New Psychoactive Substances (new designer drugs), metabolism studies with liver microsomes.

Development of a heroin profiling procedure with fast GC-MS and the use of stable isotope standards.

Project for the quality control of hemp products from confiscates (detection of contaminants, diluents, adulterants, pesticides, microbiological contamination). in collaboration with the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry and other partners.

Zwei Schwarz-Weiss elektronenmikroskopische Aufnahmen von Cannabisdrüsen, die aussehen wie weiche Korallen mit Dornen.
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Imaging of hemp material