Traffic Sciences

The Department of Traffic Sciences, which includes the subdepartments of traffic medicine and traffic psychology, performs medical and psychological assessments of a person's fitness to drive on behalf of a licensing authority. These reports satisfy the statutory requirements under article 28a of the Road Traffic Licensing Ordinance (RTLO).

Medical assessments are performed when there are doubts about a person's fitness to drive as a result of substance dependency, physical illness or psychiatric disorders. Psychological assessments are conducted with a view to ascertaining the fitness to drive of persons with cognitive deficiencies (e.g. due to head injuries, dementia) or problematic personality traits, e.g. aggressive driving behaviour or speeding.

Depending on the issue involved, an assessment of a person's fitness to drive includes a thorough physical, psychiatric and/or psychological examination. Modern toxicological analysis methods such as hair analysis are used when assessing cases of substance use.

We answer questions from physicians on a consultancy basis.

The Department of Traffic Sciences is based at Sulgenauweg 40 and is easily accessible using public transport (tram route 9 and bus route 19, "Sulgenau" or "Wander" stops, Further information, as well as information leaflets, guidelines and report forms, can be downloaded below.